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Center for the Study of the Islamic Republic Iran St. Petersburg State University “Collegium Iranicum”

Andreev Artem Alekseevich

Andreev Artem Alekseevich

Center Director

Andreev Artem Alekseevich

Born in 1983 in the city of Leningrad in the family of an officer. In 2006 was graduated from the Faculty of History of St. Petersburg State University, Department of Contemporary History of Russia. In September 2009, successfully defended thesis of dissertation for the degree of candidate of historical sciences on the topic “Russia and Kazakhstan in the 1990s. Experience of cooperation”. From 2007 up to the present time have been working as a junior researcher in the department of the State Hermitage “Menshikov Palace”. From 2010 to 2018 have been working as an assistant professor at the Faculty of International Relations of the St. Petersburg Institute of Foreign Economic Relations, Economics and Law.

In June-July 2011, together with V.A. Shorokhov carried out the scientific management of the exhibition project “Under the canopy of the Pamirs” (Russian Geographical Society).

Field research and historical and archival work abroad.

a) August 2011 - Central Asian expedition of the MAE RAS in the Republic of Tajikistan. (Head R.R. Rakhimov);

b) June-July 2012 - field ethnographic studies in the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic. Research topic - “The historical memory of the pro-Russian clans of the Bekmurzins and Kaitukins in Kabarda”;

c) June 2014 - historical and archival work in the Republic of Tajikistan within the framework of the research work of St. Petersburg State University "Identity crisis in the post-Soviet space in the mirror of the conflict";

d) September 2015 - a participant in the international historical and ethnographic expedition, led by prof. E.A. Rezvan on the Mangistau Peninsula (Republic of Kazakhstan), organized by the Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography. Peter the Great (Kunstkamera) of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the National Branch of the Interstate Television and Radio Company Mir in the Republic of Kazakhstan;

e) October-November 2016 - historical and archival work and field research in the framework of the RSHF project “Alexander Bekovich Cherkassky. Historical and biographical study on the centenary of the death of the expedition of an associate of Peter the Great ”in Uzbekistan (Khiva, Nukus, Ustyurt plateau, Tashkent);

f) October 2017 - field studies within the framework of the RHF project “Alexander Bekovich Cherkassky. Historical and biographical study on the centenary of the death of the expedition of an associate of Peter the Great "in Kazakhstan (Mangistau region, Sarytash bay, Kochak bay, Fort Shevchenko);

c) April 2018 - historical and archival work within the framework of the Grant of the President of the Russian Federation project for young candidates of sciences “Russia and Ethnopolitical Processes in the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region of Tajikistan (1991–2005)” (2018–2019. Project Manager V. Shorokhov AND.).

In 2013 and 2015 He completed an internship at the Dehkhod Institute of Vocabulary and the International Center for the Study of Persian Language at Tehran University (Islamic Republic of Iran).

From 2015 to the present, Associate Professor of the Department of Ethnopolitology, Faculty of Political Science, St. Petersburg State University

From 2018 to the present, he has been the head of the research center of the Islamic Republic of Iran at St. Petersburg State University.

He has more than forty scientific publications in indexed periodicals, including those included in the Scopus and WoS databases.

Research Interests:

The history of Iran, the history of Russian-Iranian relations of the 16th-20th centuries, modern ethno-political processes in Central Asia; Ethnology of Central Asia, the history of the expedition of A. Cherkassky; the theory of ethnopolitology, the history of diplomatic relations between Russia and Central Asian countries, the history of Russian ethnopolitics, the recent history of post-Soviet Central Asia.

The most significant scientific projects on the subject of the Center:

Grant of the President of the Russian Federation for young candidates of sciences “Russia and Ethnopolitical Processes in the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region of Tajikistan (1991-2005)” (2018-2019)

RNF grant in the framework of the competition “Conducting research by scientific groups under the guidance of young scientists” “Documentary history of the Russian direction of Safavid diplomacy (1501-1722)” (2018-2021).

Major publications

Андреев А.А. Россия и Казахстан в 1990-е гг.: опыт сотрудничества. СПб.: Дмитрий Буланин, 2015.

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